6 Key Reasons Why You Should Switch Tyres During Winter

New Zealand winter road

Winters can be great time for you. It is the cosiest time to spend with family. The time of home coming! One thing that is certainly concerning with home coming is vehicles. Vehicles have immense importance in humans life. They made it easier for men to transport easily without any hassle. However, hassles are not far behind if you fail to maintain your vehicle with proper servicing. For proper servicing you need expert auto electricians who can assure you right servicing at the right cost and make your vehicle come in a tip top shape.
In New Zealand, maintaining vehicle is not difficult with right mind set. All you have to do is know where to find the right auto electrician in Auckland. They are really renowned owing to their proficiency and know how to give you the best car servicing experience in Auckland ever.
Your car servicing will be a whole new experience and you need it especially in winter. One of the reasons is that, in winters you need to switch your tyres. Why you need to switch your tyres? There are several reasons to that. For right tyre and right setting you need right servicing. Firstly you need to know the basic six reasons as to why you need to switch your car’s tyres during winter season.
Winter is a cold, damp season, when the roads are filled with moisture and frost. You need a better grip to drive safely and ensure protection to you and the walkers on the road. The basic 6 reasons why you must switch tyres in winter season are as follows:

  1. To gain improved braking on ice and snow: Ice and snow can be a menace to your car. The braking distance reduces to half to that of summer tyres in winter of a car running on over 30 mph. To ensure better grip you need specialised tyres on these kind of frosty roads.
  2. To access better control: These tyres are made of natural rubber which does not get hard in the extreme cold. This ensures better grip and control.
  3. To experience better performance in winter.
  4. To gain higher performance in the rear wheels of the car.
  5. Reduced risk of hydroplaning.
  6. Winter tyres assure more safety to you while driving during winter.In winter we all dress up to cover from shivering cold. Even the car needs protection. If you are thinking where to avail these tyres from or who can give you the best fit then think no further and check out Henderson Valley Automotive now. It is assured you’ll be overwhelmed with our quality product and services.