Buying A Used Car? Run It Through An Inspection

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Before buying a used car, it is very important to get it inspected at the very first instance. This not only helps to let you know about the car you are purchasing but also, you can stay assured that what all improvements you would be required to invest on.

Here, are a few important things that you should check for while inspecting a used car.

1. Transmission Of The Brakes

The brakes of a car are one of the most important things to check before you purchase a car. As, smooth functioning of the brakes will ensure your safety. You can also check for if any unusual sounds are transmitted during brake application.

2. Examine The Car Engine

There are two ways in which you can examine if the car’s engine is functioning perfectly or not.

Knocking :

This process gives you a slight hint of the poor maintenance of the engine by the past owner of the car, due to the use of the wrong type of fuel.

Compression :

This test is considered as one of the easiest ways to know if the car engine is functioning perfectly or not. Insert a compression tester into the spark plug, if a crank occurs, then it means that there is pressure in the cylinder and if not, then just give up the car.

3. The Instrument Gauges Should Be Inspected

Carefully examine the instrument gauge. This helps you to stay ensured that if the emergency alerts are functioning perfectly as well as the speedometer and odometer should report the correct reading. If not functioning properly, then replacing the instrument gauge might turn out to be quite expensive.

4. Check For Rust And Body Dents

It is often seen that many used cars might have body dents or scratches, this rids away the beauty of the car. So, checking for body dents and rust will be a wise idea. If there’s any, then getting it fixed will definitely cost you a fortune.

5. The Car Lights

Ensuring that the lights have not faded or the lenses are not broken is an important inspection to carry out. This happens due to the use of inappropriate bulbs that causes both electrical as well as heating problems.

Following these safe measures, will help you know your car better before you choose to buy it from the previous owner. Henderson Valley Automotive is pleased to offer its customers with various services related to the maintenance of their vehicle.