Car Colour that Suits Your Personality

VW Combi blue

One of the most important factors that you consider when buying a car is its colour. The colour of a car depends on what you want to tell the world about yourself. Colour preferences have changed throughout the time and differ by the vehicle type and region.

It is often observed that the buyer opts for the car colour that suits his/her personality. For instance, if purchasing a luxury sedan, then the most popular car colours are white and black. Other colourful shades are typically associated with the small and sporty version of cars.

Here, are a few popular colours that people opt from when buying their own car.

1. White

A car in white colour portrays your personality to the world as a fresh and young modern face. It speaks about your rich taste and elegance. White also represents honesty and purity. Although white is quite a high-maintenance colour, but, owning a white car certainly showcases a royal and sophisticated feel.

2. Black

Black is considered as the colour of luxury and sophistication. Mostly diplomats ride in black coloured vehicles. It also helps in representing royalty and has immense power in becoming attractive to all. This classic colour has a quite powerful impact on its owner. Riding a black car through the urban landscape leaves an impression on the onlookers about your rich taste as well as elegance.

3. Silver

Silver is considered as the third most popular colour of the cars. It has a shiny texture and looks bright. Owning a silver coloured car reflects your classiness among everyone. Another advantage of a silver coloured car is that it gets less dirtier when compared to the white colour and less hotter when compared to the black colour.

4. Red

Red is the colour of action, power and masculinity. When a man owns a red coloured car, it represents his personality and status among everyone. For women, red coloured car portrays confidence and fun.

5. Blue

Opting for a blue car reflects happiness, as it flashes the blue of the sky. It also reflects stability, truthfulness as well as serenity.

So, buying a car based on your personality will help you to portray yourself among everyone. It speaks about your mood and the way you see things.

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