Pack your Car with Essentials for a Road Trip

Road trip

Heading on for a road trip is considered as one of the most adventurous trips one could opt for. Whether it is a two hours trip or a two days trip, getting your car ready for the road trip is very important.

Here are a few tips that will help you to pack your car for the holiday road trip

1. Organise The Luggage

Luggage is one of the concerns when traveling in a car. The storage space of a car differs from car to car. Heavy luggage should be placed as close as possible to the floor of the cargo area. This keeps the centre of gravity low and reduces weight on the wheels, ensuring that the car does not become heavy. If your car does not have a trunk, then tying up the lighter luggage on the top of the bulkier ones will be a wise idea. Make sure not to pile up things up to the ceiling, this bars the driver’s rear view.

2. Emergency Inspection

Before you head out on a road trip, preventive check-up of your car is a must. This includes checking the oil, the tires, replacing fluids, the functioning of the engine and the warning lights. If there’s any emergency medication required, then stay prepared beforehand. Packing the roadside emergency kit is necessary.

3. Food For The Trip

Carry ample food and water while you are heading out on a road trip. This prevents you from stopping on the way. As you are not aware of the food arrangements on the road, so packing some picnic lunch will definitely make your children and family happy while you drive towards your destination.

4. Pack In Some Gadgets For The Road

Nowadays, many cars come with a built in DVD system, so packing in some movie DVDs will definitely keep you entertained during the trip. You can also carry hand held video games, iPad, books and other games.

5. Stay Ready With Fun Road Trip Games

Many times long journeys turn out to be tiring and boring. So, in order to get rid of boredom you can stay ready with some fun road trip games like I Spy, License Plate Game, Guess Who?, and many more. This will keep the passengers entertained and enjoy the trip.

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