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Puncture Repairs

Affordable Tyre Puncture Repair Services in Auckland

Henderson Valley Automotive is a vehicle servicing & inspection center based in Auckland engaged in repairing and servicing automobiles starting from tyre puncture repair to more technical and mechanical repairs for all kinds of vehicles. If you are looking for puncture repair service center in Auckland, you can give us a call and book you car with us. We have our technically trained staff to handle any kind of tyre repair and puncture repair in our shop in Auckland. If you get a puncture, you will be able to get the tyre repaired at a very nominal cost if the puncture is in the main tread area and you have stopped instantly. If you have a multiple puncture points, our tyre repair specialists can handle even complex puctures with equal dexterity and at an affordable cost.

All we need is your patient cooperation and time because the tyre has to be removed from the wheel and critically checked for probable internal damages and then can be repaired with sealants. Before we commit to any tyre repair, our staff will do a close inspection on the tyre to ensure that there is no secondary damage, worn tread or other problems in the tyre due to usage.

You can get in touch with us on calling 09-8361333 and 021-661139 (mobile). You can also drop us an email on Henderson Valley Automotive could be your first choice for car repair in Auckland NZ.

Our Major Puncture Repair Services Areas are: