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Vehicle Engine Replacements

Reliable Car Engine Repair & Replacement Services In Auckland, NZ

We are specialized in providing and fitting remanufactured engines for automotive, car or vehicle engine replacement, car engine repair, 4X4 vehicles and light trucks. Our expert mechanics never compromise on the quality and also provide warranty on the engines. Our Auckland based auto electricians possess the requisite knowledge, training and experience in handling such issues. We recommend remanufactured engines only if it is absolutely necessary and otherwise provide prompt, efficient and cost-effective vehicle engine repair service.

It is said the the best vehicle mechanics are those who are truly passionate about the vehicles. We believe in the same too and hence can provide the very best of car repair service for your beloved vehicle. Affordability is one other factor which has contributed towards building up of a loyal client base for us. We understand that it is rather stressful for any client when something in their vehicle malfunctions. Hence, we try to make the experience as hassle-free as possible and try to fix it in the least possible amount of time.

We place the requirements of our customer above everything. Our team of dedicated mechanics always do their best to help our customers in keeping skepticism at bay when they walk into our workshop. Each vehicle and each customer is tended to with utmost care. We always make sure that the customer knows what exactly is wrong with the vehicle and what is being done to resolve the issue. After all, our customers trust us with their vehicle and we, in turn ensure that they continue to place their trust on us.

We are open six days in a week, between 8am to 4:30 pm. On Saturday 8:00am to 12:00pm by appointment. We accept MTA gift cards, Visa,and Mastercard. Call us and Book your car with us today! Email us @