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Vehicle Servicing & Inspection

Vehicle Servicing & Inspection

Oil and filter service

This service we drain the old oil change the oil filter and replace the oil with  new. While the vehicle is on the hoist we carry out a quick underbody check. Once the vehicle is lowered off the hoist we check the other fluid levels.

Up to 4 litres of Mobil oil

new Ryco oil filter


Standard 10000km service

  • Engine flush
  • Up to 4 litres of 10w-40 Mobil oil or what is specified for your car
  • 1 x standard Ryco oil filter
  •  inspect brakes
  • check all lights
  • check air filter
  • check wipers blades for condition and operation
  • check windscreen washers and top up fluid
  • Check tyre pressure and condition
  • refill tyres with Nitrogen


Full comprehensive service

  • Carry out road test
  • add engine flush
  • replace your engine oil and filter, check all fluid levels and top up as required
  •  inspect brake components
  • Check tyre pressures and condition
  • Fill tyres with Nitrogen
  • clean and adjust rear brake shoes if fitted
  • Clean throttle body
  • replace spark plugs if standard type fitted inspect and advise if platinums are fitted if replacement is nesessary
  • replace wiper refills
  • Replace air filter
  • top up windscreen washer fluid
  • check all lights


Full premium service


Up to 4 litres of 10w-40 Mobil oil or what is specified for your vehicle

  • 1 x standard Ryco oil filter
  • 4 x standard NGK spark plugs
  • 1 x standard air filter
  • 2 x standard Bosch wiper blades
  • check and top up fluid levels
  • windscreen washer additive
  • throttle body cleaned
  • check all lights
  • tyre pressure checked
  • check and adjust drive belts
  • check and adjust brakes
  • lubricate door hinges and catches
  • underbody and suspension inspection
  • wash exterior of vehicle


Automatic transmission

Extend the life of your transmission and improve how it shifts by changing the transmission oil.

we use a special transmission flush machine to replace up to 95 percent of the old fluid.



We can diagnose all brake problems and carry out repairs as required.

we can service and flush your brake hydraulics

we recomend machining brake discs at the same time as fitting new brake pads, this helps ensure brakes do not squeal in future.


Fleet Servicing

Please contact us to work out a package that suites your requiremnts and budget